Saturday, February 11, 2012

500 Places and 101 Things

So, I found these great books on Pinterest (my source for everything fab) and I checked them out from our local library. I need to go buy them now, because I am IN LOVE with them. I just want to dog-ear and highlight  and have them 'til we have done everything in them! (Maybe not the swim with sharks :)
The basic theme that I love about both of the books is making memories. Meaningful, happy memories that will always tie my kids to HOME.
So, I have made a challenge for myself: Go to these places and Do these things, then blog about it!
Some of these Places we have already been to and some of these Things we have already done, so I will include those in the posts, too. The rest I will make a point to do.
The 500 Places are all over the world, (not exactly in the budget right now) so I was thinking I would start with the places around us, branch out to others in the country, then if the opportunity ever arises we can try some of the out-of-country places.
Want to join me?

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beautifuldey said...

Yay! I can't believe you're back. I think those books sound like a great idea. I just ordered them on amazon. Can't wait till' they get here. Thanks!