Wednesday, November 7, 2007

A Call for Recipes

I went to the doctor today for my thyroid issues, long story short I guess I'm addicted to sugar and I have to change that before my thyroid will get better. So, he put me on a diet and for two weeks all I can have is: chicken, fish, turkey, nuts and veggies. No potatoes, corn, dairy, bread, etc. I feel like no dairy?! No bread?! What am I going to eat? After 2 weeks I can add in fruits, by the 8th week I can have wheat again, but for now I feel at a loss for ideas on what to make for myself. I know a few of you have had to cut things from your diets, so I'm hoping for a few delish ideas within my restrictions.
I have to admit, the timing on all this is terrible with the holidays around the corner. No Christmas fudge for me, I guess. I'm tempted to wait until the holidays are over, but the desire to feel better is stronger, so I guess I'm starting soon. Darn it.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Has anyone seen Wicked?

We bought the Wicked soundtrack last week and the girls and I are LOVING it! I haven't seen the musical so I've been trying to piece the story together. Has anyone seen it? I have a few questions:
* Is the Wicked Witch really wicked or just misunderstood? or both?
* Does it all end with you feeling bad for the wicked witch?
* What actually happens to make her bad?
* Is Glenda not so good after all?
Like I said, I haven't seen it. I could have this all wrong. I need a little story summary to help me understand it better. I want to see it SO bad! Thanks for your help!

Friday, November 2, 2007


I have to say I have LOVED having fall. Or at least a fall where the leaves turn colors and end up in a mess in my yard. The other day we raked up the leaves into a big pile and the kids had a blast junping and throwing and playing in the leaves. Super Girl even said "Why do people think raking leaves is work? This is so much fun." I wonder if she'll feel the same way next year. We were actually having a lot of fun and making it into a much bigger production than it needed to be. But it was fun and it was creating a memory.
I bet our neighbors were just laughing at us and thinking, "first timers."