Thursday, February 23, 2012

101 Things-- #13 Only Child Dates

Mike and I try to make it a practice to take the kids on one-on-one dates. We don't have a specific time frame, like once a month, or anything. It usually happens more in the summertime, maybe because we are home a little more. We have gone to movies, seven-peaks, shopping, and others.
Every once in a while, the kids get to do something extraordinary. In June of 2009, Anna got to go with Mike to Arizona. Right next to the Grand Canyon. They spent a weekend herding cattle, riding horses, and camping. An administrator Mike met through Curriculum Advantage, spent their summers there herding the cattle to brand and vaccinate the calves. So Mike and Anna went for a weekend. Kind of like City Slickers :)

Just this last weekend it was Abby's turn. She got to accompany me up to Washington to my brother, Brent's, wedding. Brent and Di got married on A Dock. Abby was the ring-bearer. It was windy (gusts up to 30 mph) and cold (we could see our breath at 2pm) but it was beautiful! It was all very personal and symbolic of them, their lives, and their relationship.

 Doesn't he look like the happiest groom?! So handsome.

It was a happy day. Abby was a great travel companion. I really am grateful to have  a "better glimpse" of who she is. Her cute little personality came right out. I saw her talking and gesturing a lot like me and my mom, too. The plane, hotel, dinners, (Abby falling asleep in the restaurant), farmers market were all very memorable. They really are times to treasure and remember.


Matagi's BOYZX4 said...

I love these pictures. Everyone looks so great. Miss you and hope to see you next time you come when it's not so secret :)

Shantastic said...

I didn't know Brent got married--congrats to him! Cute pics--miss you guys! Let's get together ya!