Monday, February 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Abby!

My little Abby turned 6 over the weekend. Luckily she got over her ear infection just in time to go to school on her birthday. That is a big deal, you know.
She got this chalk /white board easel as one of her gifts--Super Cool.
(btw, I found it at IKEA for 1/4 the price as Walmart or Target. I love IKEA!)

She had a friend birthday party this year (I've decided to do friend birthday parties every other year) She wanted a High School Musical pajama party. Everything was High School Musical, the decor, the music, etc.
You would think the movie at the end would be High School Musical as well. Oh no! Surprise. . . it was Enchanted! Go figure, last minute Abby changed her mind and wanted the Enchanted movie instead. So it was a High School Musical . . . Enchanted party.
I stole the no-sew pillow idea from Carol. Carol, you should really be a party planner!! (She's got great ideas.)
Anyway, the time flew by and the party was super fun.
Ok, six things I love about Abby:
1. She laughs easily
2. She can make others laugh with her fun sense of humor
3. She likes to do secret acts of service for others
4. She loves school and to play school
5. She has a great imagination, she always wants to make or build things like a roller-coaster, or something
6. She has a beautiful smile.

Monday, February 2, 2009


to the last drop!