Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hello. . .is anybody out there?

It has been SO LONG since my last post that I am seriously doubting if anyone checks this any more. I've been a bad blogger lately. Once a month? What's up with that?
Anyway, I'll just hit a few of the highlights from the last month or so.
I ran my very first 5k. I'm the one with the blue hoodie around my waist. It was fun and I was VERY relieved to see that there was a good group behind me. Besides tripping, I think coming in last was my biggest fear. I've heard people say that races are addicting and THEY ARE! Not so much for the running, but for the PRIZES!! I won a flash light! Doesn't get much better than that! ;)

Just last Thursday, Anna got braces! Can you believe it? It makes her look older, I think. She has been pretty sore as her mouth gets used to them. They look cute on her, and she might as well have them while she thinks they are cool, instead of later when she doesn't want them anymore. She really needed them, there was NO room for a tooth that needed to come in, so they put them on her now. They said that she may need them later, too. We'll just have to wait and see. I think she looks cute, older, but very cute.
And I guess with this post I'm making this public. We are trying to adopt. We feel very strongly that there is another little one to come to our family and my body just isn't up to the challenge. We are still in the "approval" stage. Our references are IN, fingerprints DONE, couple visit COMPLETE, now we have to continue to do our part to finish the huge MOUNTAIN of paper work, then the home visit and other things. It seems this stage of the process will never end, but it must at some point because others have their profiles online.
I have to admit that sometimes I go online to check out our "competition." They aren't really our competition, but you know what I mean. I do feel like if we are chosen at all it will be because Heavenly Father led that birth family to us. It seems like with all the other wonderful families out there trying to adopt, it will be a miracle if we are chosen. Sometimes I am nervous that maybe we won't be. Keep us in your prayers, and I'll keep you posted. . .