Thursday, August 23, 2007

a few scraps

These are the September and October pages for my mom's calendar that I have been working on.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Second day

Just a quick update to let you know that Super Girl's second day of school was much better. When I picked her up today she was smiling and happy. She had some one to sit by and play with at lunch today. Hooray!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

First day

It was our Super Girl's first day in a new school in a new state. She was a little nervous and a little excited. When I picked her up at the end of the day, she looked tired. She said, "It wasn't very exciting." I guess she couldn't find anyone from her class to play with at recess time, so she didn't play with anyone. It's hard being new, but it will get better. Making friends takes time.

Has anyone seen the Little Man?

With this Camo hat on I'm sure you had hardly see him! We accidentally left some things in our hotel and they were kind enough to send them back along with this hat! Who knows who that belonged to! (That's kind of gross. . .) He would NOT take it off and he wore it just like that. With it half way over his eyes. It was crackin' me up!

Friday, August 17, 2007

I've been tagged!

Thanks Carol. I have to admit that these are not my favorite things to do, but I am willing to play.

1. If you could swap faces/bodies with a celebrity who would it be?

I always think that Jennifer Anniston (sp?) has cute hair and her arms are nice and toned. I might change faces but not lives. I am quite happy being a mom and not a celeb.

2. What is your favorite room or decor in your home? (picture appreciated)

I would have to say the upstairs fireplace. I just think it looks rustic and cozy, like you want to sit around it drinking hot cocoa while it snows out side. One day I will put pictures of the kids in the picture frames and maybe some color on the walls.

3.What city or state fascinates you?

I don't really know! I just like to travel and see new things learn about their history and take pictures of it all.

4. Did your wedding turn out the way you hoped and what was your favorite part?

My wedding was nice, my style has changed so much since then that there is a lot I would go back and do over. My favorite part was the cake and the honeymoon.

5. Was there anything that happened in high school that you thought was horrifying or terrible, that you look back on now and laugh about how upset you were about it?

I can't say that there was anything too terrible that happened to me in high school. I am so boring.

Ok, so now I guess I tag Nicole, Amanda, and Jill and give you 5 new questions. You pass 5 new ones on to the poor people that you choose. Good luck. Your questions are:

1.What is your funniest/ most embarrassing childhood memory?

2. What dessert just makes you feel happy?

3. Which of your children is most like you and why?

4. What would be your "dream job" and why?

5. What color best matches your personality?

Hot Rocks are HOT!

Thanks, Heather, for the idea. We have really enjoyed doing "hot rocks" this summer.

Ahhh. . . Nature

We went up the canyon to take a hike through some cave, but there was a 2 hour wait. So, we went exploring up the canyon and found this cute reservoir in the middle of these rolling hills/mountains.

As we were hiking along the river we came accross some butterflies eating thistles. They let our Super Girl get so close, she caught one! Amazing.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

I'm Back. . .

I can't believe I haven't updated this for almost 2 months. Well, we have moved and we like our place. We all miss our friends, however. I will post some pictures of the new place later.

We just got back from our trip to WA. I always love going home. It is so relaxing, I feel like my blood pressure drops about 50 points. It did rain the first week we were there, but even that was fun. We went on walks, saw lots of family and friends, and ate good food. A highlight for me is always Hartstine Island. My grandma had a cabin there when I was a child, so we went there often, laying a blanket on the beach and spending the day collecting shells, holding crabs, poking Gooey Ducks, and swimming. Now it has come full circle, my kids are the age I was, doing the same things I did. I love it. A perfect vacation spot. Here are a few more pictures from the trip.

Poking Gooey Ducks

The deer really let you get close! My poor brother had my Little Princess on his shoulders almost the entire time. I think she was smitten. She was telling him, "Your name should be Uncle Gorgeous, because you are so gorgeous to me." LOL

Grandparents are great. Wish we lived closer!!

Thanks girls! Lunch was so fun.

We love Lola!