Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Back on the Blog-Wagon

 Whew! Its been awhile! Just to give you an idea how long its been, (about 2 1/2 years) a few posts down I posted pics of Anna's 9th birthday. Just on Monday, Abby had her 9th bday! Crazy!

I'm thinking of this post as a way to just get my feet wet. Just get back into it a little. Hopefully it will stick. I really want to make a book of these posts at the end of each year. Since I've also fallen off the scrapbooking band-wagon. It'll be our yearly scrapbook all nicely printed out with no paper scraps or brads to pick up. :)

Anywhoo, the last post mentioned we moved into a new (new to us) house. After two or so years, we've made a few changes to paint, etc. Nothing too adventurous, the kids' rooms, the living room/kitchen, the inside of the pantry. All kinds of fun.
Also, adoption. As of the last post we were still in the application phase. Now my sweet little boy, Ammon (AJ), is ONE!
 AJ just 5 days old. I love that expression babies make.
 And now, AJ at 1. The year seriously flew by!
 He wasn't quite sure what to do with his cupcake. We had a little party for him with our family, and Cathy, Lucy, and Shauna. He pretty much rubbed the cake around, tried a bite, then threw the rest on the floor. But by Abby's bday 3 weeks later, he knew exactly what to do with the cake and ate every. last. bite.

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