Monday, May 4, 2009

Catching Up

I haven't posted a REAL post in a long time, so I will try to catch up. This will probably be a long post. . .sorry.
We went to WA for Spring Break and had a GREAT time seeing family, friends, the zoo, and the Puget Sound. The kids had plenty of Easter Egg Hunts. It was very fun.
My mom, brother and the kids at Hartstine Island, where we go every time we are in WA.

We got home just in time to go to my nephew, Brandon's, homecoming.

Shauna had all her 6 kids and grand-kids there.

Then I bought myself an early Mothers' Day/Birthday present. . .a running stroller.

I L.O.V.E. it! Aaron loves it, too. Well, until we get about half way done then he is DONE. Mike went running with me this morning and when Aaron was wanting out, Mike found a worm for him to play with. . .whatever makes him happy so we can get home.

Then, sadly Grandpa Gygi died. It was bitter-sweet. He was 96 and in the very end he wasn't doing well. We miss him dearly, but rejoice that now he can hear, walk with out falling, and is reunited with loved ones.

Sweet Grandma Gygi. His funeral was beautiful.

Aaron and Lucy sneaking a keep-sake from the casket. I am so sad also because something was wrong with my memory card and so many of the pictures came out "damaged" or "un-readable". I will finish editing what I do have and get it to the rest of the fam asap. :)

Anna had her first Pinewood Derby. The boys invited the girls to the race (or maybe the girls just invited themselves, I'm not sure.)

Anna's car is the pencil, it was pretty fast. She didn't place, but she did get the prize for Most Original. It was a fun night. Quite intense for some of the kids.

Women's Conference was so fun. Good classes, good food, but the best part was seeing good friends again.

I spoke with Brad Wilcox (I'm his #1 fan! ), sat near Elder Holland at Training Table, and became very "line savvy."

And FINALLY, I am so happy that I'm starting to see some evidence of Spring in my yard! Yay!