Thursday, August 27, 2009

The first day of school...

was actually a week ago. But I am just now getting around to posting their pics.
Both of the girls L.O.V.E. their teachers. It makes me happy when they are happy to go to school. Although, I'll have to admit that it has been awfully quiet around the house with just me and Aaron. The days suddenly seem much longer than they did this summer.
Abby getting ready for her first day in first grade!! She said she was tired at lunch time and then there was still MORE school. She is getting used to it now. I love a toothless grin!
Anna heading in to her first day of fourth grade! She has some of her good friends in her class this year and they are all sitting by each other, which makes it very fun. On the second day of school, she told Mike that she was "chatty." Mike was saying something like she shouldn't really be so chatty on only the second day of school.
She replied, "Well, Mom was." True!! But if you want to stay sitting by your friends, you probably shouldn't follow my example.
I love how you can see her cute dimple in this picture. So fun.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

It's midnight

My kids are asleep and I am not tired enough to sleep, so I'm on the computer.
I love to tuck my kids in at night, after they have fallen asleep. Sometimes I just lay close to them for a minute. Just to be near them when they are in their beds, quiet, still, sleeping, dreaming.
I think it is then that you can more clearly see your hopes and dreams for them, for their future.