Friday, July 31, 2009

Anna is 9

I can't believe my Anna is nine! {gasp} She actually turned nine July 3, but I am just now getting around to posting her birthday post. :)

Nine things I love about Anna:
1. She has a contagious laugh and brings a lot of joy into our home
2. She laughs a lot
3. She is a deep thinker
4. She has insights on things that are far beyond her years
5. She is so good
6. She is a great example to her younger sister and brother
7. I love it when she reads to Aaron
8. She catches on very quickly to anything she tries, from music to sports
9. She tells some pretty funny jokes

We finally had her friend birthday party on the 25th of July. It was kind of a beach/water theme party. They played a lot of water games in our backyard. They made a jar with the layered colored sand and beach-like ice cream treat for dessert. Anna wanted that instead of a cake. And that was SO fine with me. :)

Happy Birthday my sweet Anna, I am so grateful for you!



Holy Smokes! Happy birthday girl! You are beautiful! We miss you guys!
Love Sarah

The Shelton's said...

Lisa!! Your girl looks just like you!! What a beauty and time does fly by so fast doesn't it!! We're about to baptize my girl next month and I just can't believe it!!

Jodi said...

Happy belated birthday Anna! You get prettier by the day. You and Shelby are exactly one year and one day apart.

Amy said...

What, you have a 9 year-old?! She is so sweet, Lisa! All of your kids- such a cute family. I love your blog.=)

Carol said...

what a cute little dessert! can't believe they are getting SO big.

Jer + Lu said...

Happy Birthday Anna!! What fun party ideas!